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Mobile casino and slot games are the future of online games. These games have become highly popular amongst tech-savvy game fanatic mobile users. In fact, to them, these are the best and the most pleasant way of passing time in today’s hectic life. They enjoy getting some fast and interesting machine actions anytime and anywhere.

If you also want to explore some exciting instrument to pass your leisure time, playing casino games and slot games like Lady Lucks slot games will be the perfect choice for you. Here are some tips on how to play mobile slot games on different types of mobile phones and mobile devices and gather big bonus.

  1. Smart phone slots – Most smart phones come with touch screen facilities that have make playing slots on them easy and simple. Irrespective of the type of slot machine you love playing, you can find a wide array of such games listed on most online casino and slot game sites.
  2. Android slots – If you own an Android phone, you just download a mobile casino app and have access to a lot of exclusive and unique slot games that would impeccably work on your Android devices. Android slots usually feature different types of bonus games as well as bonus payouts. So if your device supports Android OS, start playing Android slots and keep yourself fun-filled always.
  3. Java phone slots – Worried about how to play slot games as the version of your mobile phone doesn’t have a web browser in it? Have no worry; even if there is no web browser, it is likely to have Java installed on it. and if it supports Java indeed, just go and Google for ‘Java phone slots’ and the search result will be coming up with list of mobile slot games and casino games sites where you will find a comprehensive guide on playing Java phone slots.
  4. Tablet slots – Nowadays, many mobile casinos offer all sorts of mobile slot games including Lady Lucks slot games to the users of any type of gadget. So if you own a tablet, you can avail mobile slot bonuses. You can also play any sort of slot game that you want to play.
  1. iPod slots – If you have access to a latest iPod or even an older version, you can join up to all mobile casino site and play any kind of mobile slot game. You can sign up on such a site and be entitled for a welcome bonus.
  1. iPod touch slots – If you own a iPod touch, then also you can play mobile slot games including classic three reel slots and even multi line bonus video slots. Other slot games with massive progressive jackpots will also be available to you.
  1. Mobile app slots – If you’re interested in directly downloading a casino app on your mobile phone, you can do it quite efficiently. There are a number of mobile slot games sites such as Lady Lucks slot games where you may find step by step guide on how to play. Download such an app to start playing any type of slot game instantly.

Discussed above are some of the trendiest mobile slots available in the market. There are many more like Nokia mobile slots, Blackberry slots etc. that also you can play depending on the mobile device you use.